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Incorporate a Laundry Chute into Your Modern Home Design Incorporate a Laundry Chute into Your Modern Home Design

Modern homes are designed to by sleek and function, what better modern home accessory than a laundry chute?

Modern life is fast-paced and busy; no one really has the time anymore to focus on households tasks like laundry. Taking laundry from various rooms to your washing machine for the average family relies on multiple laundry trips every week, taking away precious leisure time. A laundry chute will significantly make the organisation of any household quicker and easier. A well-incorporated laundry chute will instantly add value to your property, and adding one into a new build will help it to sell quickly for the price you want.

Plan in advance

By incorporating a laundry chute into your initial home design, it'll be far easier to install when building your home. This will save you large amounts of time and money, and lead to a better lay-out of your home. Whilst it's possible to place a laundry chute into an existing home, you'll find that homes designed with a laundry chute from the start may appear to be sleeker and smarter.

Place your laundry chute in the best location

Advance planning of a laundry chute in your modern home design mean you can place your laundry chute pretty much anywhere you want. Laundry chutes are all about ease and convenience, so it's best to place them somewhere the family can get to easily. By placing your laundry chute by the bathroom or bedrooms, your modern home will offer luxurious levels of ease and convenience, major selling points in the modern housing market.

Incorporate storage into your laundry chute

It's simply a fact of life that we all always need more storage. By designing your chute to sit within a cupboard or closet with extra storage space, you can add even more functionality to your home. Remember to add fire doors and use fire-proof materials to prevent the spread of any possible fire.

Disguise your laundry chute

If you're designing a very modern, minimalist home, you may not want any indicator of a laundry chute. In these instances, you can hide them using the guise of sleek sideboards or bookshelves. Guests to your home won't ever know you have a laundry chute unless you show them, leaving your home with an air of mystery.

Off the ground

Due to how you design your modern home, your laundry room where your washing will end up, may not be that big. If worktops are at a premium, you could always have your laundry chute dump clothes into an upper cabinet. This instantly hides your laundry until you're ready to put it in the washing machine, and your counters can be used for housing various home cleaning appliances and chemicals.

The hidden gem in your home Find the ideal chute solution for your home

Our laundry chutes are like hidden gems, but this is no secret you’ll want to keep under wraps. Stylish and affordable, we have different styles of chutes to suit your lifestyle and needs, from SMARTCHUTE systems designed for DIY installations, to premium grade Python solutions, tailored to your exact requirements and benefitting from a 10-year guarantee.

To explore the different designs of laundry chute systems we currently supply and install, you can discover here, or to discuss your project in more detail don’t hesitate to contact us.
Watch your laundry drop away with laundry chutes Call To Remove The Hassle of Housework

Add a laundry chute to your property and this becomes your housework tonic, helping to ease you through washday, and making this process as painless as possible.
Rest assured, at Inventive Homes, your individual laundry needs are our primary concern.

Washday chores drop away down a laundry chute, simply contact us today to see how we can make life so much easier for you, the number to dial is 0800 0467 922, or visit GED Chutes for a commercial installation.
Washing made easy with Inventive Homes Get started on a chute installation today

For more you time and less chore time, get started on your laundry chute installation today. The easiest way to do this is to send us your project, development or house plans here or for an informal chat about commercial or domestic laundry chutes, please call us today on 0800 0467 922.

We have many years of experience at installing hundreds of successful laundry chutes, and we can provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote, whilst matching the best systems to suit your property, lifestyle and finances.

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Laundry chutes (sometimes misspelt laundry shoots, shutes or Linen shoots) from Inventive homes, help make your laundry (or washing) cycle easier. A laundry chute quickly gets dirty laundry from upstairs to downstairs, eliminating hassle, and risk of hazard. Can be fitted into an existing house or a new build. We have three ranges of products.

We provide and fit laundry chutes. We can provide a quote within 48 hours. Delivery of laundry chute parts is usually next day and we can install it for you or you can do the installation yourself.

We offer a range of products to suit your budget. All our laundry chute are stocked in the UK, are maintenance free and come with guarantees, and for complete safety 1 Hour UK fire rated laundry chute doors and tamperproof locks fitted as standard - child and pet safe.

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