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Inventive Homes Laundry Chutes - bringing innovative solutions to the UK Inventive Homes Laundry Chutes - bringing innovative solutions to the UK

Inventive Homes was created by owner Neil Dolan to provide innovative lifestyle-improving products for the home.

Neil recognised a gap in the market for quality domestic Laundry Chutes because the only supplier to the UK was a German manufacturer providing a limited amount of parts that made installation difficult, using thin materials that were liable to damage. So Neil created a superb new product range - LaundrySHOOT and PYTHON to bring quality laundry chute solutions to the UK market as well as delivering globally. Engineered to integrally fit within either a new or existing house, these chutes are expertly designed to get laundry quickly, safely and efficiently to the washing machine. Appealing to home owners and high-end builders of 2 - 7 storey properties wanting a quality, luxury item to make laundry chores easier whilst being quick to install. Unlike other UK providers we deliver within 48 hours from receiving a quote, providing comprehensive instructions for the DIY option if chosen. Our Laundryshoot and PYTHON chutes are not available anywhere else in the UK, and we are the largest Easyline distributer in the UK. Offering more choice than any other laundry chute company - more sizes, shapes, colours and fittings, we have exclusive access to the best quality laundry chute systems, which is why all our products come with a 5 year, 10 year or lifetime guarantee, and completely maintenance free.

What is a laundry chute?
A series of pipes and bends that simply slot and bolt together neatly within the structureof a building, easy for individuals, professionals and builders to install. Designed to be a 'hidden secret' - laundry can be put into the chute via a discrete door from any number of rooms, on any floor, from top floor to ground floor (or basement). With a range of access doors to choose from - either fitted flush to the wall or surface mounted in a choice of finishes, the chute becomes an integral yet unobtrusive part of the home. Doors can be painted or decorated the same colour as the wall, in effect 'camouflaging' it within the room.

What is a laundry chute?

A series of pipes and bends that simply slot and bolt together neatly within the structure
Fully bespoke fit to ensure all doors are installed at the desired height - easily.
Multiple sizes available between 250mm - 500mm.
Stainless steel and powder coated finish (can be painted any colour).
Modular pipe work system has a wide range of parts available so that obstructions can be by-passed easily.
Thicker material that is not easily damaged. Longer product guarantees.
UK 1 hour fire rated doors as standard.
Safe to install - no cutting ever required.

No other laundry chute offers the benefits or safety features we have available.

NEW: We constantly strive to improve our laundry chute offering - next on the list is a new range of 'sparkly glass' fronted flush doors available in any colour, plus our fully bespoke, personalised Swarovski crystal doors to be launched in December 2014.

Product details
Recognised in the industry for their high level of product quality yet remaining affordable, all chute parts are made from heavy gauge smooth stainless steel, which ensures clothing will not be damaged en route. The complete chute comprises of various lengths of adjustable straight and curved parts that simply slot together to create a seamlessly fitting chute, with no cutting or alteration required. Our pipes have been engineered to accommodate angles of up to 45 degrees, allowing for an individual tailored solution that suits the interior layout of any property whilst meeting the requirements of the user. We have ensured all of our chutes come with UK fire rated doors that meet or exceed current fire safety and buildings regulations, for complete peace of mind, for us and our customers. All our pipe work is connected with a firm clamp to prevent smoke escaping from the joints in the event of a fire, and we always recommend an automatic fire damper is installed near the base of the chute for added safety. Parts can then be encased in plasterboard, brick or block structure that is guaranteed to survive for up to 30 minutes in the event of a fire. All our doors are provided with child and pet proof handles and locks as standard.

Lifestyle benefits - a fun, safe and efficient way to do laundry

In essence - a laundry chute is practical, time-saving and fun - something the whole family (children and adults alike) will want to use - effortlessly sliding dirty laundry down to the washing machine, eliminating hassle as well as potential hazards of tripping or falling whilst carrying laundry downstairs. Instead of too much time and effort spent picking up laundry from bedroom floors - the whole family can take responsibility using a laundry chute door from any chosen room. Some customers even have TWO LAUNDRY CHUTES; one for whites and one for coloured clothing. But there are other important reasons for a laundry chute: If work/lifestyle balance is getting in the way of enjoying more down time. If a family's laundry demands are too high and taking up too much precious time in the day and week. If too many stairs or floors make it difficult or tiring to carry washing down to the laundry room. And often for people with an injury, often carrying laundry is simply not possible or too dangerous. These are all important reasons to consider a laundry chute.

Putting customers first - from start to finish 

Right from the beginning a potential customer receives our Brochure pdf and a useful guide - our 8 Must Ask Questions pdf. Providing value for money is important, so by putting in the extra work during quote stage, and for complete quote accuracy if a customer sends us their house plans (especially important with a new build), we will assess the best layout for their system, at the best cost, and supply back a CAD drawing for architects to include in their house plans. We offer a 'supply service' as well as a 'supply and installation service', because some customers like to complete the installation themselves whilst others want the complete 'done for you' option, our products are designed to make it easy for the DIY audience as well as professional builders. To help further, we've created an animated installation video which is on our website to demonstrate how easily all our laundry chutes are installed, how our laundry chutes work and how they are fitted at Full and comprehensive installation support is provided including technical details for fitting the pipe-work together, door specifications and details for boxing the pipe work in order to conceal the fittings, as well as important information required to meet all safety standards. Customers can also call us for consultation. When a chute has been chosen and ordered we deliver the chute parts usually on the next working day. If we carry out the installation it's usually completed within one day, and there are no on-going maintenance costs. We can guarantee these super quick delivery times because we stock all parts in our UK warehouse, so in just 48 hours after we receive an order we can get the laundry chute installation process started. Our hand-picked range of chutes ensures we have the right product to suit any customers home and budget, and all come with a quality and performance guarantee.

We believe in saying 'thank-you' with either a luxury laundry product or chocolates. We also provide free samples of our 'Laundry powder for men - for those who don't like their clothes smelling of flowers!

Providing more choice

Our Easyline range is fantastic value for money with no compromise on quality, this simple 'kit' system is ideal for any 2-3 storey home with a simple vertical drop required. Super easy to install, it comes with either brushed stainless steel or white finish 30 minute fire rated doors. Safety catches are fitted as standard and locks can be added if required. Our mid range Laundryshoot products are for those wanting a bespoke fitted chute, this system is ideal for 3 storey plus homes. Made from slightly thicker steel it's easy to install, and is fully adjustable to fit perfectly in your home, with doors that comply with fire safety standards up to 60 minutes (60 minute UK fire rated) which can either be surface mounted or fitted flush to the wall, plus handles and locks for extra safety. Python is our highest quality fully tailored chute that will fit anywhere and is ideal for 4 plus storey homes or luxury properties. Installation is still super fast and it can be adjusted for a truly accurate fit to achieve perfect results. Comes with 60 minute fire rated doors, plus handles and locks of the highest standard. No matter what our customers need - they can trust us to deliver globally, and hassle free.

The hidden gem in your home Find the ideal chute solution for your home

Our laundry chutes are like hidden gems, but this is no secret you’ll want to keep under wraps. Stylish and affordable, we have different styles of chutes to suit your lifestyle and needs, from SMARTCHUTE systems designed for DIY installations, to premium grade Python solutions, tailored to your exact requirements and benefitting from a 10-year guarantee.

To explore the different designs of laundry chute systems we currently supply and install, you can discover here, or to discuss your project in more detail don’t hesitate to contact us.
Watch your laundry drop away with laundry chutes Call To Remove The Hassle of Housework

Add a laundry chute to your property and this becomes your housework tonic, helping to ease you through washday, and making this process as painless as possible.
Rest assured, at Inventive Homes, your individual laundry needs are our primary concern.

Washday chores drop away down a laundry chute, simply contact us today to see how we can make life so much easier for you, the number to dial is 0800 0467 922, or visit GED Chutes for a commercial installation.
Washing made easy with Inventive Homes Get started on a chute installation today

For more you time and less chore time, get started on your laundry chute installation today. The easiest way to do this is to send us your project, development or house plans here or for an informal chat about commercial or domestic laundry chutes, please call us today on 0800 0467 922.

We have many years of experience at installing hundreds of successful laundry chutes, and we can provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote, whilst matching the best systems to suit your property, lifestyle and finances.

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Laundry chutes (sometimes misspelt laundry shoots, shutes or Linen shoots) from Inventive homes, help make your laundry (or washing) cycle easier. A laundry chute quickly gets dirty laundry from upstairs to downstairs, eliminating hassle, and risk of hazard. Can be fitted into an existing house or a new build. We have three ranges of products.

We provide and fit laundry chutes. We can provide a quote within 48 hours. Delivery of laundry chute parts is usually next day and we can install it for you or you can do the installation yourself.

We offer a range of products to suit your budget. All our laundry chute are stocked in the UK, are maintenance free and come with guarantees, and for complete safety 1 Hour UK fire rated laundry chute doors and tamperproof locks fitted as standard - child and pet safe.

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